Employment Equity Consulting

We provide our clients with comprehensive Employment Equity Consulting Services which includes:

  • Employee Awareness Workshops (including Employment Equity, Diversity, Disability, Discrimination and HIV/Aids Awareness)
  • Establishing employment equity committees
  • Developing new- or reviewing existing Equity Policies, Plans and Constitutions
  • Aligning Employment Equity plans and policies with B-BBEE strategy
  • Drafting of Department of Labour reports (EEA2/EEA4)
  • Employment equity legislative compliance audits including remuneration analysis
  • Customized training of employment equity committees, HR personnel, line management and responsible senior managers on their respective roles and responsibilities
  • Conduct workplace audits
  • Complete and submit Department of Labour reports
  • Design and implement Employment Equity strategies, policies and procedures



10 – 12 Payne Street
Deodant Building

Tel: 031 822 3516