Our Strength

At Able-Energy we don’t focus on a singular set of solutions, but rather, take a wide spectrum view of the entire facility to identify potential opportunities, discover issues and identify recommended improvements. This process enables us to help you create an energy strategy that addresses financial obligations and affords scalability for the future.

We have a well resourced team with best capabilities in the market ensuring that our organisation provides best quality service of the highest standard.


  • To provide cost effective mechanisms for energy use.
  • Assist our clients to optimise or modify operational practices to reduce utility costs.
  • Provide insight into the relationships between business activities and operating practices and the resulting energy and water consumption and costs.
  • Assist our clients realise forecasted profit margins through the delivery of savings guaranteed energy management projects.


10 – 12 Payne Street
Deodant Building

Tel: 031 822 3516